Fire Shelters – Latest Fire Shelter Design for Fire Bunkers

How to Choose The Safest Fire Shelters Fire proof shelters are a life saving custom built fire bunker built from high-density reinforced concrete, utilising Australian standards, fully Fire Rated Components . Are Fire Shelters the Only Realistic Answer? After the really recent devastating Black Saturday bushfires in Australia and the terrible loss of life, it has become very clear that the greatest way to guarantee you and your loved ones survival if you remain to defend your property, and the fire threat becomes overbearing is to have a Fire Proof Shelter or Fire bunker to fall back to for you and your family members. A lot of families who live in the Australian bush have quite limited ways to escape from their property when under the threat of Bushfires, and in many cases there is usually 1 single access road which makes this a highly hazardous situation. Fire Shelter Design The Fire shelter design is critical to how powerful and secure it will be in guarding you against the deadly radiant heat of the bushfire and the effects of smoke. The sheer intensity of many bushfires creates such a hazardous scenario that only a correctly created and constructed fire shelter employing all the best fire rated Supplies will be able to guarantee you and your family’s survival. Bushfire is a hungry beast and has an insatiable appetite for oxygen and will literally suck all the accessible air supply from anyplace it can find it, this is the reason you must have a